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Fox and Hounds, Mt Tamborine

October 4, 2010

For Amy’s Birthday we went for a Sunday Drive out of Brisbane, Destination Fox and Hounds.  This place was a recommendation from Amy’s work college.  After making a long and windy way up and then over the mountain we found ourselves in Wongawallen on the east side of Tamborine.  Best to use the Pacific Motorway to get there, its quicker.

I lived in England/Scotland for a few years and have always missed the pubs.  We don’t have anything like it in Brisbane.  Well if anyone knows of any let me know.  Old brick buildings with timber interior, quaintly decorated.  All with ridiculous names like the lion’s head, the queens arms, the old dog and my favourite the moat bar.  Which i use to work in in Edinburgh.  It was prounounced moooooooat baaaaaaaaaaaaarrr.

Back to the story, Fox and Hounds looked like the real deal.  Carperted floor, wooden walls, brick walls, fantastic lighting and a classic wooden bar.  Plus the folk behind it had a slight english accent.  On a rainy overcast day what a great place to visit, just like england.  A warm cozy pub with a great atmosphere.

The food is what we came for.  We decided to try the pate, well it did come with piccalilli pickle.  It was for us to share it was huge though as an entrée.  But both Amy and Roy loved it, me on the other hand found it a little too ironey (like iron – meat taste, when you are eating very strong flavoured meats)

We all got the Roast of the day for $22 either lamb or Beef was the choice.  Along side the meat of choice was an array of veggies which included, parsnip, sweede and carrot mash, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and the yorkshire pudding.

Overall it was a winner for us all.  Even though my memories of carvery dinners in Somerset were much, much cheaper.  The standard here was top-notch.  I would love to be here in the summer in the beer garden chowing down a Cornish pasty and a Cider.  They have many great beers on tap and more bottled.    We will be back for a beer and another attempt at the food.  Maybe next time we will have a BMW to park out the front.

For more information about Fox and Hounds visit their website HERE or give them a call 07 5665 7582

Primanti Bros, Monroeville Pittsburgh

September 30, 2010

So when i found i would be winging over to Pittsburgh for a week i did some quick research on what foods they are famous for. The first thing to appear was a description of a Pittsburgh sandwich: thick bread, lots of meat, tomato, coleslaw and a heap of french fries (fries inside the sandwich that is). Ok, sounds interesting.

The institution of choice in the city is a chain of restaurants called Primanti Bros. Originally just one store in the city, but now everywhere in Pittsburgh i was interested to see this mixed up sandwich had to offer.

As i was staying in Monroeville, I went to the local outlet to see what the fuss was about.

Upon sitting down the girl was stunned that we had never eaten a Primanti Bros sandwich before and recommended the Capicola (spicy ham?). Never one to ignore recommendations that is what i ordered.

Well what arrived at the table wasnt small that’s for sure.

All in all this was pretty damn tasty. The coleslaw is what makes the difference cutting through all the grease and adding the tang. The french fries are what we would call hot chips in Australia, and had the skin on which i like.

The bread slices seemed a little too small for the sandwich, but I am unsure if i just got the slices from towards the end of the loaf.

If they sold these near my work, I would be there for lunch quite often.

Ribs in Pittsburgh

September 29, 2010

I love ribs, and by extension the USA.

After 30 hours of travel, including some very wonky sleep deprived driving on the wrong side of the road, I arrived in Monroeville on the outskirts of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

So what to do after not sleeping for a day and a half, beer and ribs.

So down to the Holiday Inn bar I went, and got exactly that.

The best ribs i have eaten since I was in San Antonio many years earlier. Ribs like are just something you can get hold of in Australia. And these were just hotel kitchen ribs.

Later in the trip i decided i needed the real deal and headed around the corner to the Gateway Grill. This place was a classic american bar and grill, and they cooked over wood fire.

These ribs were the real deal. Slow cooked fall apart with amazing sauce. The coleslaw was also amazing, nothing like home, fresh and not overpowered by dressing.

I have heard that Blue Smoke in New Farm do some pretty good ribs. I will just have to get over there and see if they can live up to the hype (it’s all in the sauce).

The Gunshop’s New Spring Menu

September 24, 2010

Don’t these photos make your mouth water?  Well if you want to taste these dishes, the Gunshop has its new spring menu ready to go.  I was lucky enough to spend the night with a few other food bloggers in Brissy and get to be the first ones to try the new dishes.  Fist up was Stradbroke island rock oysters, tomato & 50-year-old sherry vinegar.

To my surprise, for someone who hates oysters, I loved these!  Roy demolished loads of these, and reckons that I should still try them fresh off the rocks?  What do you think?  How do you like your oysters?

On to the next dish, Hervey Bay scallops, salmon pearls persimmon and Squid Ink.  I reckon this was something that fell out of Heston’s kitchen. There was foam on my plate, so many flavours going on.  I loved the persimmon sitting under the scallops which were cooked to perfection.  Overall this was my second favourite dish of the night

Above, Queensland Wild Boar, morton bay bug, ham and pineapple salad

Below, Goondiwindi lamb rack, salsify puree, Toowoomba olives and fresh peas

Above Queensland cheese plate, with some of my favourites like, Gympie farm ash rolled cherve and Kinagroy bunya black brie. mmmmmmmm I do love cheese

Below, Peach souffle, raspberry ice cream and Qld vanilla creme anglaise

After a few bad breakfast experiences and not being back for a long time now.  Taking a chance to revisit a favourite cafe/restaurant, for dinner was intriguing.  I have been won over by the menu, the love of Qld farmed food and that Jason Coolen – Gunshop owner has over 61 suppliers.  That is EPIC!  so total respect there.  Skip breakfasts at gunshop on the weekends people and go for dinner during the week, the menu is fantastic.  Above most of all you need to try the Lamb.  My favourite thing on the menu, not only was it served with peas which made me happy but it was cooked so well it melted in your mouth.

Go experience a night out at the Gunshop.

Gunshop Cafe on Urbanspoon

Jam Update

September 22, 2010

As of the 6th of October Food Connect will be selling our jams to there loyal customers. You can order online or over the phone.
We are still chasing up a spot at the West End Markets. It looks like there is a waiting list. So fingers crossed we get in!

Over the last few weeks our internet died in the ass. But we are back on line today and we have a few stories for you all. Roy has just been away to Pittsburgh with his new camera.

How to make a Sponge Cake – Recipe

September 21, 2010

Sponge cakes are something my mum could never make.  “They just flop in the middle”  once taken out of the oven.  This is my first attempt at making this sponge and I had no problems.  Maybe ovens these days are a bit better?  not sure.  I have broken the curse of my mum’s side of the family and can now bake a sponge.

For a friend of mine’s birthday, a cake was needed and why not pull out the gun’s for someone you care about.  That’s you Juna. Happy Birthday again.  As well as part of my assessment to get qualified I have been baking a lot.  Loving it at the same time.

To make a sponge, I had a simple recipe from my text-book.  First step 4 eggs are separated.  Place the 4 egg yolks in a bowl along with 100g of caster sugar and a pinch of rind from a lemon.  Mix till well combined.  Then whisk the egg whites till they are stiffly beaten and add to the egg and sugar mix.  Stir gently.  Add 100gm of cake flour (low gluten)  and fold through with a wooden spatula.  place the mixture carefully into 2 x 17cm baking tins and bake in a 185’c oven for 20 minutes.  allow to set for 5 minutes before turning out.

Enjoy with freshly whipped cream and strawberries.

Hot dog with Zucchini Pickle

September 9, 2010

I like stuff.

Durian, blood sausage, cognac with sarsaparilla…..

Do you like stuff?

But some things i like more. (Although i try not to grade things that are good too much, as this is directly related to how long ago i had something. Mmm, that was the best cup of tea I have ever had.)

I like hotdogs more than you like hotdogs. (Although 5 minutes ago I liked tea better than you liked tea, but through the passing of time that may not now be true.)

I like cheap hotdogs, I like fancy hotdogs and I love 7-11 hotdogs that have been sitting on the little hotdog spinning machine way too long.

So when Liz made too much zucchini pickle for her jam selling enterprise and asked me should we bring it home, what do you think I though of? (I will give you the benefit of the doubt here as it was days ago and it could have had something to do with meat of some kind (very likely)).

So lets just say it was “Hotdogs”.

Supermarket deli hotdogs, with supermarket bakery bread and amazing homemade (if I lived in a commercial kitchen) zucchini pickle. Oh and supermarket tomato sauce (gonna need some homemade of that).

What can I say but it was the best thing I have ever eaten. (Well until I ate an orange that blew my mind.)

I would highly recommend Strayed from the Table Zucchini Pickle with meaty things. (Oranges also)

I think Liz will be selling this stuff at the West End markets in a couple of weeks. So when you get you hotdog from the german sausage place, take to see Liz and ask her pretty please for a little Zucchini pickle (and i hear there is now tomato sauce!!) to go on top and you may be in luck. Say Roy sent you (though we have established that I may or may not remember it).